New Gentle Pet Deshedding & Grooming Glove

New Gentle Pet Deshedding & Grooming Glove

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  • Your pet will love your attention when you comb them with this gentle and efficient grooming and deshedding glove.
  • Gently loosens and lifts hair away from top and under coats.  Perfect for long, short, and curly haired dogs.  Purr-fect for cats.
  • Unwanted hair sticks to the silicone glove--simply peel off hair and throw it away.
  • Keeps your house, furniture and clothes cleaner.
  • Five finger design for left or right-hands allows you to get deeper and reach places hair hides.
  • A must-have for any pet that sheds.


Type: Cats & dogs

Item Type: New Grooming and Deshedding Glove Comb

Material: Silicone

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